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Man loses home after Bastrop Co. leader plants ‘no trespassing’ sign

ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) – Frank Vickers was sitting on his couch watching “Jeopardy!” when he heard a knock at the door one evening in late September. Before he could stand up, a Bastrop County Sheriff’s deputy was standing in his living room.

Vickers said the deputy told him to gather his belongings and get out of the house. The property was sold to a new owner.

Vickers was stunned. He had been renting the home from a friend for 19 years.

“Nothing adds up here,” Vickers said. “I’m an innocent victim sitting in my underwear watching TV when a police officer rips down a curtain over my backdoor — no warning whatsoever, no paperwork, nothing.”

Vickers was stunned again the next morning when he got a voicemail about the property from one of the most powerful elected officials in the county.