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What Clients Say About Gammon Law Office, PLLC

A good measure of any attorney is what his or her clients say about how their matter was handled. Attorney William P. Gammon has a significant number of reviews and as the sample below demonstrates, his clients are happy to let others know what they think. Contact Gammon Law Office, PLLC to set up a meeting with Bill and find out how he can help you today.

A Good Lawyer

Mr. Gammon is a down to earth lawyer who truly loves righting wrongs. Once he takes on a client he is totally focused on what your needs are. He demonstrates a “fire in the belly” to represent you with gusto. Yet, the man really knows the law. He goes out of his way to make friends with everyone he meets. When circumstances require that you engage an attorney to protect or defend you against someone or something, you will want this man and his team on your side.

– Jerry

(5 star review)

Creative, trustworthy, sincere attorney … definitely feel like Bill is on my side 100%.

Bill Gammon is the people’s attorney. He fights passionately and convincingly for the “little people” and finds clever, innovative, and effective ways to respond to well-financed, well-lawyered organizations with money and no ethics behind them. Bill worked hard to point out the legal inconsistencies and methodological flaws in his opponents arguments, and knows how to use the law to the fullest extent to defend his clients. I would seek Bill’s services again no matter what the case if I happen to need strong, persuasive representation against corporate interests that don’t reflect my individual interests as a citizen.

– Roger

(5 star review)


Ive never had a need for a lawyer before but He’s the best choice for me and my family. He is a life saver!

– Karl

(5 star review)

Tenacity & Compassion

Bill represented me in my lawsuit that I defended. He got a great result. When we were at courthouse every person seemed to know him & greeted him with a smile. He is really good at what he does.

– Mac

(5 star review)

Bill Gammon review

More often than not, we need to hire an attorney as we go through major crisis in our lives… Similarly, I met Mr. Gammon during one of the most difficult times of my life. Even though, the experience itself is far from pleasant or exciting, I am glad it allowed me to meet someone like Bill. His passion and enthusiasm for his job are undeniable, plus, he is clearly an experienced and successful attorney. However, what really sets Bill aside is his compassion and emotional connection to his clients (he really cares about people as well as doing the right thing). As a bonus, Bill’s sense of humor and positive attitude can easily turn a very sad and stressful day into a brighter one. Bill takes pride in his work; he delivers a highly professional representation of his clients while offering a peace of mind and ongoing support throughout the process… A kind of partner you may want to have on your team…

– Katya

(5 star review)

Great Lawyer!

When I first met Bill, I was blown away not only by his knowledge, but how genuinely concerned he was for our case. I just feel lucky that I met him and can rest easy knowing that he is on my team!

– a client

(5 star review)

An honest, caring and compassionate attorney

Attorney Gammon has been nothing but supportive since I first hired him. The assurance he rendered and his no nonsense approach allowed me to handle my real estate problems with ease. We have recently settled and will walk away completely satisfied with the settlement. Finally, I will never sign another real estate document without his approval!

– Dr Patrick

(5 star review)

Facing a Wrongful Foreclosure? Bill Gammon is your Guy!

Bill and his staff are fantastic folks to work with! He is very very knowledgeable and passionate about the law and cases he works on. My case is specific to a wrongful foreclosure. Bill and his team have been able to stop one of the biggest banks in America from “kicking” me out of my house and is working with me to reverse the foreclosure. I highly recommend Bill to anyone facing or dealing with a wrongful foreclosure. It is an extremely stressful situation to be in. Bill and his team have been there to help guide me and take some of that stress off of me. Bill truly does look out for the best interest of his clients. I am very blessed to have him on my side!

– Lisa

(5 star review)

Awesome Bill, a PIT Bull for you and your RIGHTS!!

We found ourselves in a position we never thought we would be in. We had been lied to over and over again by our mortgage company (Citi) and in our darkest hour we were left to swing in the wind, even though we should have had options to resolve our situation available to us. We knew we had rights and we knew we had done the right things to resolve our delinquency, but we were ignored and even abused by our mortgage company and now it was too late, FORECLOSURE. Just as our sale took place, we found Bill Gammon and our hope became renewed. He was a calming force in the face of extreme anxiety and his knowledge of what to do and how to proceed gave credence to our beliefs that we HAD done the right things and our mortgage company had not. Things have gone almost exactly as he said they would more than a year ago. He knows the law and he knows the law is there to defend all of us. We don’t have to be a victim just because “they” say so. We are still in our fight against “the machine” that is the banks and money people and we feel that Bill is our David to fight Goliath. Legal issues are scary and fighting big corporations is even scarier, but we now feel we have a chance to have our voice heard and have our day in court. Bill won’t back down and he won’t let us just disappear into the shadows, like so many other good homeowners have had to do. Bad things happen to good people and that was our scenario after 17 years in our home, but GOOD people fight for GOOD people that have been treated unfairly. Bill is truly a GOOD guy and I would encourage anyone to sit with him for an hour and prove me wrong. He restored my FAITH that the little guy does have a chance. Bless you Bill Gammon and ALL that you do!!

– Blaine

(5 star review)

Wise Counsel

Excellent, thorough attorney. Knows the law, case histories and developments, and explains all facets of the case as explicitly as the client can comprehend. He states the plan of action, the alternates, the possibilities of each, the reason for the action, and probable time required to achieve results. The sole instance regarding keeping me informed less quickly was during the office relocation. I have recommended him to associates in need of his skills.

– Mike

(5 star review)


I don’t typically hire a lawyer and fight things… I tend to let bygones be bygones. However, when my home mortgage fell into the Countrywide/Bank of America foreclosure fiasco and they tried to take my home without cause, I knew I needed a super-hero. I knew Bill socially, but a trusted friend highly recommended his legal work in this area. During our first conversation, I remember Bill asking me a very important question: Why do you want to keep your home? The answer seemed obvious – it’s where I live. But it’s more than that. It’s where my children grew to adulthood. It’s MY investment and I did not take that lightly. It’s a personal thing with Bank of America… who do they think they are, that they can wrongfully pursue foreclosure and remove people from their homes? Bill helped me to focus my frustration, identify the source, and stand up for justice. At first it seemed like an impossible task, taking on one of the biggest banks in the mortgage crisis, but Bill knew just what to do. His methods are working – Bank of America was at first aggressive, demanding a summary judgement against me. Bill presented compelling evidence to the judge and the request was denied. They tried intimidation through demanding ridiculous and unrelated discovery documents; stalling, lying, and are now looking to settle. Bill has stayed the course with me, being aggressive and active in the case while counseling me on possibilities. He is very positive yet realistic regarding the course of legal action. I have complete confidence in him as my attorney!

– Shanon

(5 star review)

Very Professional – Honest – Does What He Says He’ll Do

We contacted bill when our home was illegally foreclosed by our bank. He not only was very thorough and helpful during the process of re-purchasing our home from the person who bought it at foreclosure auction, he also helped us with finding financing and is currently in the process of helping sue the mortgage company and removing this foreclosure from our credit report. He has consistently been honest about what is achievable which is all we can ask for.

– J and S

(5 star review)

Mr. Wiilam Gammon gets the job done

5.0 stars Posted by May 19, 2013 Flag Mr. Gammon did an excellent job in handling my foreclosure case, kept me worry-free through out the entire process. He and his staff were very efficient and knowledgeable. I will recommend his service to anyone. Mr. Gammon provides great service and is very easy to work with.

– Marty

(5 star review)

Excellent client focused attorney

Bill is an excellent lawyer. He has worked with myself and my company for over 7 years. He truly loves what he does and treats all his clients like friends. I would recommend Bill Gammon to anyone.

– Corey

(5 star review)

In YOUR corner, fighting the good fight.

I met Bill way back in 1990 while developing and building a business. In 1995 he helped me through and gave excellent advice while resolving a serious matter. All through both trials and tribulations, he has advocated for and guided me with spot on solid execution.. Because of his personal style, work ethic and solid character, he has earned both my trust and admiration. I am returning from Colorado to Austin on an unrelated business matter, but Bill is on my list to see and secure guidance on a family law issue that just blew up. I have already shopped some other locals as due diligence. Guess where I am placing my future roll of the dice ? See you soon Mr Gammon. Thanks for everything we tackled together !

– Robert

(5 star review)

From the first time we met …we knew that Mr. Gammon was the lawyer for us!

Unequivocally, my mother and I were led to the law office of Mr. Bill Gammon. The services rendered by his firm were impeccable. Mr. Gammon’s zeal and knowledge of the law were evident in our favorable foreclosure settlement. We are most grateful for his meticulous nature. He actually noted an error (that worked in our favor) that two previous attorneys overlooked. Above all, Mr. Gammon is ethical. He did just what he said he would do–“fight on my mother’s behalf”. We are forever grateful!

– Andrea

(5 star review)

Home owners this is who you want

Our challenge was a contractor that would not finish the work on the house. Bill got involved and filed a suit against the contractor. Suddenly things changed, the contractor wanted to finish the job but it was too late as we wanted our money back. Bill’s office worked with us getting all of the information they need for the suit. They were so easy to contact and talk to it was like we are all best friends. They walked us through the paperwork that was needed. Told us about the details they needed and why and then helped us work with the court paperwork. Because we never had to deal with the court system we had no idea of what to expect. Bill and his team worked with us and made it much easier to deal with. They explained why things were delayed by the court and what it really meant to us. We are located 4 – 5 hours away from Austin but that never came up as an issue with Bill. When needed he came to our location and took care of business. The court asked us to mediate which we did and this is where Bill was truly able to show us his knowledge, experience, communication skills with the mediator. In the end we were able to get our money back from the contractor because Bill was involved in the process. Without Bill we would have lost all our money that we paid the contractor. If you are looking for someone that truly cares about you and your situation, someone that knows how home owners are targeted and can lose even though they have done nothing wrong, someone who will come to you when needed then Bill is your man. Bill is kind to you as a person and is able to see things from your point of view. he is then able to communicate to you in easy to understand language what you will have to do regarding the courts, paperwork and managing the legal delays. My wife and I highly recommend Bill Gammon for any home owner legal issues you might have. Dan

– Dan

(5 star review)


Bill and his exceptional staff helped my family get through an extremely difficult time dealing with a completely unjustified foreclosure. We moved to the area a few years ago from Las Vegas. We have a young son and didn’t want him growing up in “that’ environment: in other words, percentages would be in his favor by moving to a small rural community. IT IS BETTER…without a doubt. But, we have sadly come across a few people that would do quite well in Las Vegas. Our legal matters led us to William Gammon, where for over a year-and-a-half he and Jason Billick and the entire Gammon Law Office staff worked “full throttle” fighting our battle against a “weighted”–and incompetent justice system. Along the way we did lose respect for small-town justice, BUT, we did find two HONEST LAWYERS that became our friends. If you want someone that will truly fight for you against the “BAD and the UGLY,” you won’t find anyone tougher! THANK YOU BILL AND JASON for your efforts on our behalf…you did GOOD!

– Donn

(5 star review)

Excellent Advice

Mr. Gammon and his associates agreed to sit down with me and review my documentation at no cost. In the consultation, they provided me with a quick cost-benefit assessment along with excellent advice. I did not actually hire this law firm. However, I followed their advice and was able to save my home from foreclosure. Every case is different. The more documentation you have available, the better you can be advised. Mr. Gammon is very knowledgeable and I definitely recommend him.

– Joyous

(5 star review)

Excellent representation.

Their office kept me up to date very well and always let me know what was going to happen and if i had questions they didn’t know the answer to, they got the answer for me. They have been patient with me as I can be a little off the wall with my demands. My phone calls were always returned. If I had to rate these attorneys out of 10, I would gladly give a 12 and above.

– Carolyn

(5 star review)


Mr. Gammon and his team went right to work on a pending Foreclosure of ours…we had this going for over 5 years. Bill got involved approximately 1.5-2 years ago. I am a professional Realtor in Austin Texas and due to Sister and Mother dying very close threw me into a tailspin at the same time market was crashing my husband was also in midst of job loss hours cut so we fell behind. We interviewed a lawyer out of San Antonio but he was not for us so we met with Bill and we instantly liked and trusted him. He was upfront and let us know we are in a battle but assured us that he and his team would do the very best they could but it could take some more time. It did and in the process we got foreclosed on illegally. That was rec ended by the lender rapidly after Biill and Tony got after them. We are happy to say as of yesterday the Lender has given us a very good Loan Modification because of the expert advise and follow up of our Attorneys and we are Thankful and grateful this is now over. Yes we would highly recommend Mr. Gammon and his team to anyone seeking expert counsel 5 Star .

– Nancy

(5 star review)

chingon abogado ( badass attorney)

Bill and tony are the best attorney we find from the beginning, he is fun to work with but very wise to fight x my casa and he did it he resurrected my house and now is my home (Bill And Tony Son Los Mejores Abogados bills es divertido y muy sabio x pelar x mi casa y resusito my casa ahora la llamo hogar, muchas gracias amigos bill, tony, denisse, lupita y everybody involved km

– armando

(5 star review)

Real Estate Law Suit/Dispute

William Gammon has been great during this whole ordeal. Every option has been explained and I have been able to make clear decisions throughout this whole process. He knows the law and helps me to understand it. He is very through in his due diligence in regards to other factors that are part of the suit, such as using surveyors, engineers and others with knowledge in the field to help me. I never have to call or email to find out what is going on. Anytime something is sent to him I get an emailed copy. I could never see myself using another lawyer.

– Deborah, a Real Estate client

(5 star review)

Put your mind at ease!

Facing foreclosure is a tough thing to go through. After being strung along for over a year and a half with promises of a modification, I was about to get evicted from my home. Frustrated and panicked is how I met Bill, and after my initial consultation with him I was calm as a Hindu cow.

Bill is VERY knowledgeable on the law, and brilliantly applies it in the courtroom. He explained all my options clearly and made it easy to decide the path I wanted to take. Watching him chart my mortgage documents on the whiteboard was a real treat, demonstrating his mastery of real estate law and proving that choosing him would lift a huge weight off my chest. BANKS ARE STILL ILLEGALLY FORECLOSING ON PEOPLE! The only way to make them stop is to stand up to them! Bill will force them to follow the rule of law, the thorn in the side of the bullies profiting from forged documents and empty trusts.

– Bruce, a Foreclosure client

(5 star review)


He is a very caring person who is calm and collect. He does not react so he was great to represent me, because I speak before I think.. He is willing to share resourses and explain what is in my best interest. He responds to e-mails and telephone calls in a timely manner. He was concise to our board of adjustment about my issue and had a clear understanding of our village ordinance.

– nancy, a Land Use & Zoning client

(5 star review)

Excellent attorney, goes out of the way to place clients’ interest first

After a harrowing experience with our previous attorney it dealing with Mr.Gammon seemed like a comparison between the absolute worst and the best of attorneys. It was a case of wrongful foreclosure and our previous attorney had been extremely negligent in our case. When Mr.Gammon came on to the scene, there were a few things that needed to be taken care of immediately and we had not finalized on our attorney. Understanding our plight, Mr.Gammon explained the situation in detail and the path we need to follow. He went the extra mile by calling the court house and the Defendant attorney on our behalf even though we had not signed him up. He wanted to do what was urgently needed to be done, and to provide us the time and space for us to finalize our counsel. Mr.Gammon, in our opinion, has both the character and competence needed in an attorney to do right by one’s clients, a combination of traits which are becoming extremely rare in our country.

– Foreclosure client

(5 star review)

Bill Gammon is the best attorney. Period.

Bill represented my grown, Austin-resident daughter in a recent real estate transaction. As a father trying to help from 1,500 miles away, I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, competent, and capable attorney. I would recommend Bill to anyone at any time and will take this opportunity to thank him publicly for all that he did.

– Roger, a Real Estate client

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