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Year: 2014

Home Equity Loans – How Banks Foreclose

By Anthony Read Texas was the last state to allow home equity loans. That is, a loan that gives you cash taken against the equity in your home.  This is distinct from a purchase money loan where you borrow money to buy the house or a refinance where you borrow just...

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HAMP Loan Modification Issues

By: E. Jason Billick Home loan modifications still present the best avenue for homeowners to get back on track when they’ve fallen behind on their mortgage. It makes sense. The Making Home Affordable program that began in 2009 was designed to modify delinquent loans...

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The Rice v. Pinney Myth

By: E. Jason Billick 7/27/2014 If you ask any attorney who handles forcible detainer actions in Texas, chances are they’ve come across the infamous Rice v. Pinney decision. The case has become Plaintiff’s first line of defense when a defendant homeowner cries “title.”...

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Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

By: William B. Gammon 7/13/2014 The trial was 2 days ago.  My clients, a couple in their 60’s, were being evicted from their home of 13 years.  They’d suffered a foreclosure after he was laid off from work and then missed several mortgage payments.  The bank/mortgage...

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The New CFPB Rules: Increasing Transparency

By: E. Jason Billick 5/19/14 The Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) are now even more powerful in protecting consumers in their dealings with lenders and creditors. As of July 21, 2011, the rulemaking authority under the...

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