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At the Gammon Law Office, we are always on the pursuit of knowledge, ground breaking cases and news.  A significant portion of our time is spent monitoring the courts, legislature and news for events that impact our clients.  In addition, we frequently create case law in our appeal litigation.

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Central Texas Foreclosure Defense Group (CenTexFD) is an association of dozens of consumer-advocate attorneys who represent homeowners and investors involved in the foreclosure process. Its interest lies in promoting understanding and proper application of Texas foreclosure law, and the regular and predictable application of statutes and rules governing the process.

CenTexFD hosts monthly CLE (Continuing Legal Education) seminars in areas of real estate litigation, including foreclosure defense. If you are an attorney interested in joining our list serve, please e-mail Guadalupe Carranco at [email protected].

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Specializing in wrongful foreclosures in the State of Texas, these posts will keep you grounded in the reality of the housing market and help you decide what your next move it.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest foreclosure news, tricks, tips, etc. Drawn from a variety of valued sources, check back often for updates.

Man loses home after Bastrop Co. leader plants ‘no trespassing’ sign


City hits landowners with $200K in ‘hidden liens’ on 40-year-old paving debts